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Kobayashi Maru
I plan to win the no-win scenario
I am so weak... 
25 Nov
- and jobless! So, after posting about this, I will be going to fill out an application for another one of my prospect jobs on my list *coughTargetcough* The only experience I have is in retail and I'm fine with going back to that as long as I don't have to work with clothes or food.

I broke down and bought this:

For two three, no, four reasons:

1) I have not seen ANY of the first season (didn't even see the beginning of this [second] season).
2) I can't find even the first episode for full-watch online, let alone the whole season.
3) I really think it'll help with my fic/writing.
4) I was able to buy it in almost brand new condition for under $30 (got it for $24) - now, I can't resist that kind of deal when the only other low price I saw for it was $31.79 (or something).
[And that's why I got the dancing Karl icon because i'm probably going to do that with it when it comes in the mail XP]

So, yeah, I am off to hopefully score a paying job because I really, really need one.

{It's really times like this when I wonder if school is really worth sacrificing for a job with a steady paycheck...}
Karl can now plaaay with himself YAY!!
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