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Kobayashi Maru
I plan to win the no-win scenario
23 Nov

Oh yeah. Awesome. XD

Check it out over at jj_verse and apply for a team; looks like some good fun is to be had. ^^

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Unstoppable Enterprise
24 Nov (UTC)
It is good fun! Team Trek is the best one of course.
25 Nov (UTC)
But of course! that's why I decided to join that one! XD *although I did feel a temptation to go to the Fringe Team because my love for that show is growing very quickly! lol*

I am actually in the process of doing my first challenge for it - the crossover fic challenge - and I'm very nervous because while I have this great idea for a Star Trek/Fringe cross-over, I am also very new to both fandoms (or at least still feel very "new") and am not sure it would come out good - but then it is very AU so I don't know why I am so worried about getting the canon right! XP

Plus, I have no beta - but the challenge is a non-voting one, so just by posting it should get my team some points, yes?

25 Nov (UTC)
I was the same with Lost, come February the obsession will be back, but I love ST so much.

I was going to do something for that, but completely forgot. I think you get 40 points just for submitting it. Which is pretty good!
25 Nov (UTC)

lol - I had actually sworn off of ST when I was younger (even though I pretty much grew up on TNG), for years I have been determined to never, ever become a Trekkie and now look at me... I think the fandom (in particular the reboot) pretty much brought me back to enjoying fandom and sparked a LOT of creative ideas in me and basically made me laugh again after quite a severe few months... So, I feel not only a huge love for it but also gratitude towards it (and rejoice in every minute of it, basically ^^). Fringe has kind of been the same way with how I had been so determined to not even look at it [and Flashforward was just a great little surprise ;D ]. /rambling

Yup - plus, I feel like it would provide me with the kick start I need to really get started on this story line I got... It's more like several story lines but I want to get started in writing, you know? I have been so stalled in doing anything actually creative that I all I seem to feel is this horribly irritating restlessness. Have you ever gone through that yourself?

But, in short: it'll be a great way to earn points for my team and a great opportunity for my writing that I really don't want to pass up.
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