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Kobayashi Maru
I plan to win the no-win scenario
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Can't believe I haven't updated here since November of last year!! Ridiculous! *and, as my icon so aptly puts it, full of FAIL*

But, I am determined to be more active in the ST fandom - even if it is only as a reader for now. I have MORE than enough ficcage to catch up on! ^_^

(Speaking of which, I have been reading and collecting some wonderful, well-written hurt/comfort fics - not sure why I am feeling for this particular genre today but I am and the ST fandom, once again, delivers. :D )
I'm not sure if I posted it right [at the right post], I'm not sure if it is all that good but it is a start to a huge story arc I've been wanting to start for a long while! So, I'm feeling good about that at least (even though I wrote it a bit fast and it is my first actual fore ray into both the Star Trek and Fringe fandoms).
{It's also a bit unbeta'd so, keep that in mind if you see any mistakes XP}

Title: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Fandom: Star Trek and Fringe (cross-over, very, very AU)
Rating: G/PG
Warnings/Spoilers: none, really - I mean, it's very AU so I'm not exactly sure, tbh *lol*
Pairings: Olivia/Charlie, allusions to Jim/Bones/Spock
{Unbeta'd, too}


Ever since Olivia had come back - for the lack of a better phrase - from the "other side", the world William Bell now inhabited, she had been having the strangest dreams (and if not "dreams", then the most intensely nostalgic hallucinations she has ever experienced, not to mention realistic). She would frequently wake from these "dreams" either utterly exhilarated in ways she had only known in very dangerous but successful situations or terrified for her life.

There were a few, though, where she had awoken with tears leaking from her eyes while a fathomless pain felt like it was burrowing inside her very being. It felt as if it were tearing her soul apart.

The things she saw in these dreams... The people she could've sworn she knew...

All of it left her reeling mentally and emotionally - sometimes it made her physically ill. Charlie was a little more than concerned about this, he had never known Olivia to be like this and she couldn't explain it to him.

How could she? In her dreams she was not only flying through the skies but through space at speeds no human would have ever guessed were possible, she had been teleported - or more like dissolved into thin air - in a million streams of swirling light from one place of imminent death to another (she was apparently either selflessly courageous in these dreams or recklessly stupid), but, the crowning jewel was that she, Olivia Dunham, was a man in these dreams. Blonde with blue eyes, a resemblance she couldn't completely dismiss in what reflections she managed to catch in these strange visions. She did not want to tell Charlie about this because...well, how the hell could she? Sure, they had experienced weird and unexplainable before but this... This just seemed to real for Olivia to talk about it jokingly in any sense. And Peter, no way. Walter? He would ask for every detail imaginable.

And that was another thing that Olivia didn't want to get into - especially with Charlie. Not when the "details" included her being not just a man - with seemingly boundless arrogance and a knack for getting her/his ass handed to her/him - but she was also with another man in these dreams. Two in fact. Her face would flush at the memory of it. Charlie would always ask what was wrong and Olivia always kicked herself mentally for letting it get to her again while trying to change the subject with her partner/lover.

She could NOT let Charlie know; especially when, deep down, she found herself enjoying those dreams in particular...


{and I swear to God, the title came to me right at the last second and I wasn't even listening to that song! LOL}
Don't cave in (my fem-Kirk3)
- and jobless! So, after posting about this, I will be going to fill out an application for another one of my prospect jobs on my list *coughTargetcough* The only experience I have is in retail and I'm fine with going back to that as long as I don't have to work with clothes or food.

I broke down and bought this:

For two three, no, four reasons:

1) I have not seen ANY of the first season (didn't even see the beginning of this [second] season).
2) I can't find even the first episode for full-watch online, let alone the whole season.
3) I really think it'll help with my fic/writing.
4) I was able to buy it in almost brand new condition for under $30 (got it for $24) - now, I can't resist that kind of deal when the only other low price I saw for it was $31.79 (or something).
[And that's why I got the dancing Karl icon because i'm probably going to do that with it when it comes in the mail XP]

So, yeah, I am off to hopefully score a paying job because I really, really need one.

{It's really times like this when I wonder if school is really worth sacrificing for a job with a steady paycheck...}
Karl can now plaaay with himself YAY!!
23 Nov - Represent!

Oh yeah. Awesome. XD

Check it out over at jj_verse and apply for a team; looks like some good fun is to be had. ^^

{banner bynowgold}
Unstoppable Enterprise


May be two days late but it was worth it because I not only got a great wall calender but I also got free-shipping XD.

I also got these to watch:

Can anyone say Star Trek weekend?? [AND I get to see Flashforward and Fringe tonight!!] FUCK. YEAH.
Karl can now plaaay with himself YAY!!
Just pre-ordered my copy of Star Trek: XI tonight!!

I also caved in and bought the 2010 wall calendar (I need one anyway, lol) and I bought the past two Star Trek issues of Entertainment Weekly I missed. *lol* When I get into a fandom, I get into it. -_-

Also, random but not so much: Halloween I not only FINALLY got my hands on a copy of 'Doom' [Reaper!Bones is RAWR to the max] BUT I also got to watch the Peggster [aka Scotty XD] in 'Shaun of the Dead', too!

Thus, those two things in particular made a very sucky Halloween a little better.

Oh yeah, and: ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!

*I want it NOW* XD
Karl can now plaaay with himself YAY!!
Only 8 more days till Star Trek comes out on DVD...

I swear, if that is the only thing I get for Christmas and my birthday then I'll be happy (although I would like a job at Best Buy...) I mean it - I want that sucker BAD!!

I have been holding off on buying it but I think I just need to go on and pre-order it while I still have the money that way I know I'll be getting a copy on the day it comes out next Tuesday...

BUT - I need to earn it first before I can even order it (aka I-need-to-finish-and-turn-in-all-my-school-work-before-I-can-order-it-thus-bribing-myself-into-actually-doing-my-work).

But hey, that seems to be the best incentive for me right now because this is what is on my mind. :\
FLAIL-Karl style
...feeling like this when it comes to being a part of a fandom. I mean, this fandom - Star Trek XI - has completely and utterly TAKEN OVER MY MIND/LIFE.

And the worst/best/scary/incredible thing about it? I don't really seem to mind... XD *not as much as I should, anyway*

Not to mention, just the absolute enjoyment I am getting out of this fandom and inspiration - it's incredible, lol!
Everyone really does seem to get along, hardly any wank/drama that I have seen and I am just perfectly happy being a fan. I think the only time(s) I was ever like this was a long while back when I was really, really into LOTR and BoB (which I still, and always will, love; I just don't participate in it like I used to)... I hate seeming like I 'jump from fandom to fandom' but I really only seem to be able to handle or really get involved in one fandom at a time... Maybe I can learn to be better about balancing all of them... give them all the attention and love they need to keep going *which, while it sounds weird, isn't very far from the truth*

I've already got some ideas for a fic I want to do. And of course it is EPIC! in more ways than one [because God knows, I can never do anything simple or short *including journal entries* :P] !! Also have some pretty certain tracks I want to put together as a fanmix (Scotty/Chekov FTW! and for my ST XI fic) but I'll go into that more later on (when I actually have time *headdesk*)

But, still have school work to do which only serves to make me hate school even more, so until then... *sighs*

*Goddammit, internet! I'm a third year college student, not a responsible, mature adult!* >:P
LMAO  - Bones would know!
Can't believe I don't have this thing better set up yet!!

Well, for any who come by, this is a newly setup journal specifically for my indulgence (and, hopefully someday, involvement) in the Star Trek fandom, mainly the 2009 reboot. That's the main thing that got me into it and while that may seem like heresy to those who have been in the fandom for far longer, to each their own, ok? No hard feelings over such things - especially when I may come to like TOS over time (or maybe not, who knows?)...

But, just saying to any who come by (and making a note to myself, because I'm meticulous like that :P), I will be giving this place all the trimmings (profile info, mood theme, etc.) and giving all the credit (for graphics used, etc.) soon.

I just have to finish reading over the periods from the Industrial Age through WWI, three speeches and write a few "short essays" for my history class first before I can really do any of that with a clean conscience... *good thing I actually like history... too bad I despise school in general...
Move that pretty ass!!
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